SHAREit App: Download SHAREit to transfer your Files

SHAREit is a multiplatform sharing application that is present on almost all operating systems capable of wifi connectivity. It is one of the most famous apps around the globe with almost 1 billion users when all platforms are combined. SHAREit is a boon for your Windows operating system as you will see a significant improvement in data transfer speeds.


SHAREit for PC

This application is free to download and is available in most application stores.  This sharing application recently took the third rank over Facebook for the most downloaded file on the Android operating system. This stat itself is sufficient to let you know the immense usability of SHAREit. Other than transferring files at high speed this data transfer application has also got various other features that make it a stand out product among its competitors.

Features of SHAREit App

This cross-platform file sharing application inculcates the advantages of other popular file-sharing applications along with its own list of special features. Read on to know more about these features.

1. High-Speed File Sharing

This application is known to be the fastest file sharing application there is. And the climb to the top was least expected by the best of analysts. The application has come up with major changes and unique technological inclusion to make it capable to share files at about 20 Mbps. If you were transferring a file using Bluetooth which is the default sharing platform on most operating systems, you would feel astonished as to how the file sharing speed of SHAREit compared to the Bluetooth.

2. Cross-Platform File Sharing

SHAREit is not a standalone application that is just made to run on Android, though made famous by it. The versatility of this application makes it compatible to run on almost all major operating system platforms that include Android, Windows and iOS OS. It is capable of sharing files and folders between each of these platforms individually or also as a group.

3. Supports Transfer of All File Formats

The data transfer application can send videos, music, pictures, pdf documents, word documents, excel sheet documents, and almost all kinds of documents you can possibly think of. It can even transfer applications over multi-OS. The important thing here to notice is that the application has no limit on the size of the file being transferred. There is no file size limit and as long as your device supports storage of larger files it SHAREit will send it for you.

4. Network Independant

SHAREit works as a WiFi radio and allows a peer to peer data transfer. This means that the application does not transfer files over the internet but makes use of the Wifi signals to connect various devices. The application creates a hotspot on the primary device to which other secondary devices connect to. Also, the files are sent directly into the device and not shared on Cloud. This makes the data transfer action a lot more secure.

How to download SHAREit?

SHAREit is available to download on the Windows application store. You could visit the store using your PC and download it directly on to your computer. Alternatively, you can use the link given in this article to download this data transfer application. The application is free and you do not have to spend any money to download or run the same.

How to install SHAREit?

Installing the application on your computer is as easy as downloading the file. After successful downloading of the file, go to your downloads folder and click on the SHAREit icon. This will take you to an installation wizard which will guide you through the installation process and the application will get downloaded on to your system without any trouble.

How to use SHAREit to transfer your files?

The user interface of this application on almost all platforms are very friendly and you won’t face many difficulties in operating the application. To transfer a particular file you need to have SHAREit installed on and running on both the sender OS and receiver OS.

  1. Run the application on both devices.
  2. The homepage of the application will have two options-“Sender” and “Reciever”. If one of the devices chooses to be the Sender the other one has to choose Reciever.
  3. The Sender OS will create a Hotspot to which the Reciever OS is asked to connect.
  4. After a successful connection between the systems, choose the file you want to send and select the “Send” option to send it to the other OS.

Tips on using SHAREit Application

  1. Make sure that both devices have Wifi compatibility and have SHAREit installed on their system.
  2. Always select different roles as sender and receiver. Remember that there can be only one Sender.
  3. Before sending files, set a confirmation request to receive files. This is to be done so that when you are transferring files to a large group you do not receive unwanted files.


This article intended to enlighten you about SHAREit. We hope that you have all your questions answered and that you were encouraged to download this application. The application runs on more than 30 languages and is known to be secure.

If you choose to download and run this application after reading this article, do write to us and let us know about your experience with this application.