SHAREit Windows 7 Download

Suppose you want to back up all the pictures on your phone and you do not happen to get hold of that USB storage device you had because you keep on losing it. What will you do? You do not need to worry, SHAREit will make it possible for you. If you happen to have a Windows 7, there might not be a lot of data transfer applications available to you. The SHAREIt Windows 7 is fully compatible with Windows 7 and runs smoothly.

SHAREit for Windows 7

SHAREit is basically a data sharing application that does much more than data sharing. It has got a built-in video player for all your un-playable videos and an anti-virus system to keep your system clean. And the best thing is that you get all f these features for free. It is one of the most sought-after applications recently making it to the list of most downloaded Android applications. It is must have and we recommend you to have it installed on to your system if you haven’t already had.

Now if you do not know how and where to download the application, this article will solve all those problems for you. Read on to know how to download, install and run SHAREit Windows 7.


How to download SHAREit Windows 7?

You could visit any of your favorite online application and software stores and download SHAREit. If you do not know where to find this application, just click on the given link in this article and download the application on to your system.

How to install SHAREit Windows 7?

  1. Download the required SHAREit application from the download link above.
  2. Now proceed to find the downloaded file after successful completion of the download.
  3. You will find the file with the “.exe” extension and double-click to launch it.
  4. This will open an installation wizard which will guide you through the installation process. Just follow these instructions and choose the trajectory to the desired place of installation of the files.
  5. Click on “Finish” after the installation process ends.

How to share files using SHAREit Windows 7?

  1. Launch SHAREit on your PC, this PC will play host.
  2. Find the “QR code” option on the home screen and click on it.
  3. The QR code should promptly be displayed.
  4. Launch SHAREit over the other device.
  5. Choose to connect to PC using the QR code.
  6. Scan the QR code on the PC using your device’s camera.
  7. This should connect both the devices. Proceed to select files and transfer.

SHAREit can help you transfer large amounts of data at high speeds. The speed of data transfer depends upon the Wifi connectivity strength. All kinds of files such as a video file or document file can be shared using SHAREit. The application also allows you to send files to multiple devices.

This is made possible by connecting all the receivers to one common sender. This reduces our dependence over the USB hardware that created unnecessary complication while transferring files. SHAREit is a quality application and we recommend it to have it installed on to your system.